Panther Cub Preschool

Where your child can blossom with nuturing and engaging educational opportunities.

Mission Statement:  We at Chassell School want to provide the highest quality care and academic training while creating a nuturing and supportive community of children, parents and staff.  Through a comprehensive and well planned program that attends to the whole child in every area of development, we seek to enrich each child's learning experience enabling the student to develop at his/her own rate.  We want to provide the best possible start for our students as they begin their academic careers.

The philosophy which drives the curriculum is based on a blend of play-based learning and traditional academic training methods appropriate for young children.

Our Philosophy:

  • We see each child as a unique individual that is constantly growing in all areas of physical, cognitive, and social-emotional domains.
  • Each family is an integral part of our program, and we believe that parental involvement is the key to each childn't overall success.
  • Our curriculum utilizes the language-experience approach (LEA) which promotes pre-reading and writing skills through the use of the child's existing personal experiences and oral language.
  • The children will explore science and culture through literature based themes providing an emphasis on character development.
  • Our trained staff are able to provide age appropriate academic and developmental experiences and opportunities for each child.

Tuition Rates:

Ages 3-4 (30 months - 60 month)

Full Day:  (Mon.-Fri.) 8:15 AM - 3:20 PM  $650.00 per month

(Mon. - Wed. - Fri.) 8:15 AM - 3:20 PM  $420.00 per month

(Tue. & Thur.) 8:15 AM - 3:20 PM  $280 per month